Franklin's Lesser Aphorisms - Paper Darts
Coaxial, Veracious - Paper Darts
Law Enforcement -
Small Town - Harper's
The Big Fight, National Time Repository - Reed Magazine
The Mystery Formations - Blink Again Sudden Fiction Anthology

The Wandering Toddler - Emprise Review
Carol's Hair Paradox - Eclipse

Criticism and Commentary

Please Touch the Art (As Directed) -
At a Coffeeshop in the City of Seals -
Counting Time and the Illusion of Precision-
My Little Town, Reflections on Art and Commerce -
The Password Effect, a review of Sue Tompkins at Midway -
Picture This Picture: language in visual art - Proof Magazine
Big Box Art -
Reads Dylan Hicks -
Electronic Word Signs - Quodlibetica
Ax-Man: What Surplus Should Taste Like -
John Fleischer at Air Sweet Air -
The Art of Savers -
Art You Don't See -
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